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Brand Development

The Internet is the fastest growing tool for initial business research and inquiries, yet most companies invest limited resources for brand marketing online. Increase sales and brand strength, by using the internet to educate and motivate your target audience to trust your brand, your products, and to take a specific action. Before building this trust will come the challenge of creating brand awareness. Building and sustaining a brand requires various approaches, a well trained eye and finely tuned ear for successful online communication. When someone sees your brand in the marketplace a positive message should come to mind. Successful branding is critical to the success of your overall marketing plan.

Our team of experts work one-on-one with clients to evaluate current brands, increase brand recognition, alter or create new brands, determine specific messaging and provide ongoing testing as to the effectiveness of your brand. Brand awareness has implications far beyond corporate logos, mission statements and theme songs. Our unique approach revolves around the identification of targeted “Characters.” A character is a specific profile of a targeted person we are trying to engage and reach. Each character has an age range, gender, lifestyle, etc. When the evaluation process takes place, the actions and feedback from each of the target characters are crucial to the success of the ongoing branding effort. Each identified character may have a different expectation of your company and communications should be tailored to meet these expectations. This leads to a far greater success rate for your online marketing activities. If you want to discuss the creation of a new brand or a brand change give us a call or email us to schedule a Free Web Branding Analysis.